How to delete a file that claims it's "locked," but isn't?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by poopmonster666, Aug 28, 2011.

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    I have about 14GB of ScreenFlow saves that I wish to delete because they are no longer needed. I move the first to Trash, then clicked on "Empty." After I do this, I get this error:
    "The operation can’t be completed because some items had to be skipped. For each item, choose File > Get Info, make sure “Locked” is deselected, and then check the Sharing & Permissions section. When you are sure the items are unlocked and not designated as Read Only or No Access, try again."

    I already went through all of them. They are all unlocked and I have Read & Write permissions. When I try to Secure Empty Trash, it stops at 1/4 of the way through the loading bar thing.
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    First try Shift-Option or Option key combination while emptying the Trash .

    if this doesnt work ,start up your computer from the Mac OS X installation disc and choose Disk Utility from the Installer menu of the first screen. Use Disk Utility to verify and, if necessary, repair your disk.

    If you have several files stuck in the trash, (or just want to used command line):

    1: Open Terminal. It's located in /Applications/Utilities.

    2: Type: chflags -R nouchg

    Note: Type one space (not pictured) after nouchg in the line above, so that it ends in "nouchg ". Do not press Return yet.

    3: Double-click the Trash icon in the Dock to reveal the contents of the Trash. If necessary, arrange the Finder window so that a portion of the
    Terminal window is still visible.

    4: Press the Command-A key combination to select all files in the Trash.
    Drag the files from the Trash to the Terminal window.
    Note: This automatically enters the pathname for each file. This eliminates the need to individually empty multiple Trash directories, particularly when multiple disks or volumes are present.

    5: Press Return. No special text message will be shown indicating that the command was successful.

    6: Empty the Trash.

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