How to delete all songs from iTunes Match and start over?

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    I've had a lot of issues with iTunes Match and wanted to wipe it out to eventually start over.

    However, after creating another user account on my Mac, logging into iTunes, enabling iCloud Music Library, seeing all of the songs/playlists and deleting them all... they won't delete.

    I've already disabled iCloud Music Library on all of my other devices, but they won't delete!

    Basically, they delete from that local instance of iTunes in that auxiliary user account... but then when I log out of iTunes or delete the iTunes folder from the Music folder in that auxiliary user's library... reopen iTunes, log back into it, and then re-enable iTunes Music Library... they all come back as if I didn't delete anything.

    I've tried it a few times now, even leaving iTunes open for like a half-hour after deleting all of the songs/playlist so that all network activity can finish.

    Has anyone attempted and been successful at doing this? All of my other devices, as mentioned, have iTunes Music Library disabled and have hard-copy files of music synced/stored only... and I want to wipe iCloud Music Library clean before re-enabling it on any/all devices later on. So far, my plan is to just leave it and hope that the system purges them based on the multiple delete requests.
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    On The Interweb Thingy!
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    Nice, this looks like a new feature. I'll give it a try. Thanks!

    EDIT: Actually it doesn't even show that button for me. :( ... Anyone else?
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    No button for me, either.
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    I've done this a few times.

    Close iTunes and iTunes helper through the task manager. Turn wifi off (remove network cable) so your not on the net then move your iTunes folder to your desktop. Connect the Mac to the net again and launch iTunes. If you go to the song view everything should now have a cloud next to it. Check at this point your logged into iTunes. Now select all the tracks and option click them. In the menu select delete (remove from library may be displayed depending on OS and iTunes version). You should get a popup asking if you want to remove the tracks local or iCloud. Select iCloud and wait. Once the server has processed the information it should be gone.

    The key is to wait after deleting. If you quit iTunes and go back in quickly the tracks will pop back up
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    Jul 29, 2003
    Yeah that indeed seems to be the case. After a few days it now only shows the tracks I've purchased previously on iTunes.

    Hmm. Maybe that was enough?

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