How to delete contacts in iCloud?

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    Ok, not the contacts as "John Apple Seed - 415-123-1234", but like when I import contacts from MobileMe on LinkedIn, it sorta generates an email list from the contacts I had interaction before, and ask me to either link with them or invite them. Now, there are a few people I've dealt with before that I do not want to connect and accidentally invite them or whatsoever (ex gf and prick coworkers:cool::cool:) Is there anyway to take them off from my iCloud contacts so when I import my email to a third party, they wouldn't invite them?
    Thanks in advance...
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    First of all, I would like to caution you against letting LinkedIn "farm" your contacts. I think that whole "grow your network by letting us scour your address book for people to spam" is bad form. Is it really worth saving a few seconds typing names and emails to surrender your contact list to LinkedIn for possible spamming?

    To delete a contact in iCloud, open Contacts on your Mac and delete it. Make sure you are signed in to iCloud in System Preferences. ** To check if it's gone, look it up on your iPhone. iCloud contact sync happens fast so it should be gone from your iPhone within seconds of deleting it on your Mac.

    Back when I was in one of the iCloud betas, I was amazed at how fast it was. I logged out of the test iCloud account I'd created on my Mac and all of my contacts were suddenly gone! I then logged in to my real account on both my iPhone and my Mac and they all came back in something like half a second. They were pushed back to my Mac from my iPhone.

    ** One thing I suggest is that you export your address book before you start making changes so if you accidentally wipe a contact you didn't intend, you can import the export you just did and start over. After exporting, make sure you exported everything and not just the currently highlighted contact before you start doing extensive edits.

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