How to delete items from an External Hard Drive?

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    Aug 3, 2013
    Hi there! I've been having problems recently with my trash bin recently.

    You see, I have a few items in my Trash that are greyed out and only show up when my External Hard Drive is connected--because that is where I erased them from. These items were never fully transferred onto the hard drive so they were permanently greyed out so I wanted to delete them. But now they're stuck in the trash bin and I can't even put them back into the hard drive to attempt to delete them on my Windows Parallels.

    I've attempted force deleting, some sudo commands on the terminal (I may not have attempted them all?) and I've tried TrashIt! and OnyX--none of them have worked for me.

    Is there any way to get rid of these files without completely wiping the 800 gigs I have in my External Hard Drive?

    I've attached a picture of how my trashbin looks. The highlighted part is the External Hard Drive that I have connected. (Note, the contents within the "applications" folder ((I was backing up some of my applications to the drive at one point)) are also greyed out)

    Edit: Oh, and another thing that happens is if I try to "empty" the trash, sometimes my mac apparently doesn't have enough ram to run anything. So I have to disconnect the hard drive in order to use my mac.

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