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How To Delete Itunes TV Show Episodes?


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Original poster
Apr 23, 2015
Just curious, is there any way to officially & completely delete iTunes episodes that I've purchased or downloaded? I know they can be hidden, but just wanted to know if that's the only option. Thanks!


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Aug 15, 2004
Yeh, I want to get rid of my porn too. I have yet to find a way to dump episodes that we grabbed if we missed it. And they just sit.


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Feb 9, 2009
Yes, simply contact Apple and they can remove them from your account if you express your interest in them doing so.

For me though, it's the other way around - since my university days, i've moved city to city and country to country and in the olden days of DVDs & CDs, I lost count the amount of times that I wan't to watch a film that i'd bought five years earlier etc.(8 Mile comes to mind). I do LOVE that I can hide something - dance tracks from 2010 seem to age very very quickly along with Kylie Minogue music that I once liked for 5 minutes and have since 'hidden' for EVER!!!
I'm also enjoying finding music that I put in my iTunes in 2002 and had forgotten all about :)

Had I bought those films from iTunes, the chances are that they would still be in my account now whereas the disc is probably buried in some landfill for future generations to have to deal with along with nuclear waste :'(
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