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Aug 5, 2004
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I didn’t even plan on telling anyone from work I was going to attend but it slipped out at lunch time and my boss’s boss was dining with us and he said I wouldn’t be able to attend. I pretty much cackled in his face and he then adjusted what he said by stating I’d receive some sort of ‘mark.’ 3 days later I’m called into a conference room and am given a $1,500 Apple gift card if I agree to not attend. I snatched that card up so fast.

If it was WWDC or the September event I probably would’ve refused the card.

I don't know how to make video clips from movies or I'd certainly post here the bit from The Queen where the dude playing Tony Blair hangs up the phone after a chat with a royal and says "...bizarre..."

Anyway you made out great that your employer was weirded out enough to dish out $1500 worth of your choice of Apple gear to assuage your disappointment over not attending an Apple event... after first threatening a mark on your record. I suppose that was a one-off. I mean they're not going to do that too many times, right? They likely mean that as a compensation for all future such disappointments as well. I'd probably have my resumé back on the block while figuring out what gear to get with the card.

Companies get too hung up on these not-being-seen-at-a-competitor's-gig things. What if you lived next door to Craig Ferguson or something, sheesh. You'd need a bodyguard from your company to ensure you didn't have a word with him about something Apple-ish or something your-employer-ish? Would they record your conversation and take it to a secure compartment back at the job to figure out exactly what the two of you meant in your exchange of pleasantries as you head out to your respective commutes?

Hey Craig, how's it goin'?

Hey HappyD, no complaints, how's by you?

All good man, see ya later.

Take it easy, almost the weekend!

[Analysis and instructions:

1. Sounds seriously compromised, so informal with a competitor.

2. Find out if they see each other over the weekend.]
Meanwhile most of the world never heard of either Ferguson or HappyD and they're all just going about their own weekends.. mowing the lawn, trying to figure out whether to pay the light bill or the grocery tab... if corporate honcho types didn't live in such bubbles they could save a lot of dough skipping all the cautions and deterrences and spare themselves having whole departments full of people who could probably get bit parts in a movie made on Joe Heller's corporate freakout tome Something Happened. ***

*** from Wikipedia -

Something Happened
has... garnered a small base of devoted fans. In 2015, Carmen Petaccio referred to it as the "most criminally overlooked great novel of the past half century [...] one of the most pleasurable, engrossing, and in retrospect moving American novels ever written."[2] Naturi Thomas-Millard called it the "best book you've never read"; while agreeing that it is overlong, she billed it as "an invaluable study in how to portray the horror of everyday life."[5] Novelist Jonathan Franzen prefers Something Happened to Catch-22,[6] and Christopher Buckley referred to the work as "dark and brilliant".[7] Comedian Richard Lewis claims he "happily lost most of [his] hope" after reading the novel.[8]


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Jun 3, 2017
Macrumors should allow users to delete their accounts with a simple button in your account.
The fact that Macrumors doesn't do that, ( plus collect your data and sell it) should be a clear answer they don't care about their users.


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Apr 18, 2004
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Macrumors should allow users to delete their accounts with a simple button in your account.
The fact that Macrumors doesn't do that, ( plus collect your data and sell it) should be a clear answer they don't care about their users.
We do indeed care, which is why we make it clear in the registration agreement that we don't completely delete accounts. We want users to understand what they're agreeing to, and it wouldn't be fair to other thread participants to suddenly delete posts in discussions.

We completely anonymise accounts when asked to do so, and if a user has posted embarrassing information or information that could reveal the user's identity, we edit or delete the individual posts when asked to do so.

@SandboxGeneral is correct - MacRumors doesn't sell user data. We only collect the data needed to create and maintain an account here.

If you want your account cancelled and anonymised, you can read this section of the FAQ and then send us a contact. It's a good idea to mention in the contact that you've already read the FAQ - otherwise we'll just ask you to do so.


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Aug 5, 2004
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I dislike the idea of prospective employers requiring applicants to in effect conceal the fact that an employee may have worked in the past for a competitor and perhaps was rude (or worse) about products of the prospective employer, or had praised products that the prospective employer wishes the competitor had botched but didn't, etc.

Even in the days before social media, it got out around the water cooler at any shop exactly where you worked before and how much you made and why you switched and what you thought was great or incredibly unbearable about that place (and sotto voce, about the new place,,,, after awhile).

On the other hand it's true that the modern "social influencer" jobs are a whole other ball of wax. I can't even say what I really think about them as you'd have to imagine what the automatic censor thought so highly inappropriate in my descriptions.

I'm going to go back to wrapping little stocking presents now. Most of them I made from scratch and so the social influencers haven't given a heads-up to the people who will eventually open them with joy or total bemusement. The recipients will have to formulate their opinions from scratch. I know it's increasingly difficult to form an opinion without getting a heads up from someone, but that's life sometimes. They'll get over it. Anyway they'll never know the gifts came from me ;) since every single one of them is signed Love from Santa.
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