How to delete old versions of documents?

Discussion in 'OS X El Capitan (10.11)' started by fessen, Aug 8, 2016.

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    How can you securely destroy old versions of documents created by El Capitan-compatible apps such as Pages and Numbers? By "securely destroy," I mean erase them so that they are no longer recoverable on your hard drive? (For simplicity's sake, I am talking about an old-fashioned spinning-platter hard drive, not an SSD.)

    And by "old versions," I mean the versions of documents that are accessible from the "Revert To (Browse All Versions)" function under the File tab.

    (If this has already been covered well in another discussion, please point me in the right direction. Thanks.)
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    Jan 23, 2005

    That info is part of the file itself. In your case, I think the best bet is to do a File Save As.... to make a new file/document without the versions then delete the original.
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    In Ask Different, with accepted answers:
    All things considered: at this time, you may find it simplest and most effective to:
    • use Core Storage for encryption; and
    • have suitably strong pass phrases.

    With Mac OS X Lion to pre-release macOS Sierra, there's FileVault 2 for Core Storage encryption of the OS X startup volume – Use FileVault to encrypt the startup disk on your Mac - Apple Support.

    If you have other volumes that use permanent version storage (as it's called) on HFS Plus, you can use Core Storage without FileVault 2.

    I expect a 2017 release of Apple File System to offer FileVault 3 without Core Storage.

    If that reads like a riddle, sorry (!) and just begin with FileVault.

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