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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by oldschool, Jan 10, 2008.

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    I am designing labels in illustrator to print myself. They are 8 to a can I make it that whatever i do in one label mimics in all the others? Is this possible, so i don't have to edit each one every time i have a change.

    The template .pdf is attached.

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    The key is to do all your design work in a master document with only ONE label.

    Group the elements of that label. Then, record an Action that uses the Transform:Move:Copy functions to replicate the group across and down to populate the 8 labels. (easy to calculate the numeric offsets for the moves).

    Then save the 8-up document with a different name.

    Need to change it?
    Go back to the master document, make your changes, and re-run the Action to make 8 labels again.
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    Sep 30, 2003
    canadaRAM to the rescue again. That was perfect...thank you very much.

    You should try some of the products I make're in Victoria right?

    We make the sausage on the pizza's at Villages, and you'll probably find our dry cured sausages in most small stores under the label "Moccia's".
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    you can make one master label. Then make that a symbol (it's in the symbol palette). ONce it's a symbol, copy and move them until you have them where you need them. When you need to edit them, just double click on one of them, edit it, and then get out of the symbol editor thing. Once back at your document, they will all update immediately.

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    Of course you are aware that OSX Addressbook can automatically format and print sheets of labels using the included Avery label templates.
    You can also Print to PDF from Addressbook to create a portable document.

    I use this create sheets of 80 identical mailing labels.

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