How to determine storage capacity

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    My boss gave me a few of his old iPhones to try to sell for him online. In order to figure out what they're worth, I have to know the capacity. But he's clueless about it and he doesn't remember his old passcodes, so I was going to just reset to factory defaults. If I do this, will I be able to go into settings to see the capacity without putting an Apple ID on the phone? Or is there any other way to find this out?

    ETA: Found the answer in "Similar Threads" after I posted:
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    unluss they are activation locked to his apple ID in iCloud

    yes restoring them in recovery mode in itunes will let you go to the settings page, when you are setting up the phone you can skip the apple id questions just say set up as new phone and skip all the icould and backup questions, once you get the info you can wipe it again for the sale

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