How to disable webcam without voiding warranty?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by scissorband, Dec 7, 2013.

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    For the most recent 13" MBP, how can I disable the webcam so it can't be turned on at all? I read news articles today about people that can activate your webcam remotely without the webcam light turning on and this makes me a little paranoid, so I purchased an external webcam that I can plug in whenever I need to use it instead of having the MBP webcam.
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    You could just tape a piece of paper or cloth over the cam and in the event someone were to hack your cam they'd just get a blank picture
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    Not sure where the thread is for that - but, IIRC, the consensus is that the internal camera has a power LED that is part of the camera assembly. The light comes on when the camera has power, the light can't be controlled separately. It's on when the camera is on, and off when the camera is off (period).
    If you prefer to not trust that idea (and I do understand..), and you don't want to open up your MBPro, then a tiny strip of tape will block any camera view. (already mentioned by rapicell, but it's effective)
    I recently saw a school computer lab that had cutesy flower stickers covering the isight cams...
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    Small square of black electrical tape.

    Tinfoil on your head helps with the paranoia part. :p


    Published claim is indeed that the camera can be turned on without that light, albeit nothing spoke to what hardware/software platform that was.
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