How to distinguish between matched and uploaded songs in iTunes Match


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Sep 21, 2010
Hey guys,
need some help. I am using iTunes Match (works flawlessly). I have about 5000 songs from all my CDs successfully added to iTunes Match. Some were matched, some were uploaded. Now I got about 3000 of them with a lower bitrate than the 256kbps Apple gives you.
If I delete a matched song with (lets say 128 kbps) and re-download it I automatically get the 256 kbps version, but if the song wasn't matched and just uploaded it automatically downloads the quality that was uploaded before.
Now I do not really want to delete 3000 songs and re-download them just te be surprised I downloaded (for example) 1200 songs for nothing since they weren't matched... Is there a way of identifying just the matched songs ???