How to do reverse & forward traceroute in terminal ?

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    I need to do some traceroute tests, reverse and forward.

    How do I do that in the mac terminal ?
    did not find any proper documentation for mac terminal cheat book.
  2. richard2, Mar 30, 2016
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    To perform a traceroute, enter the following:

    traceroute <Address>

    For more information, enter the following:

    man traceroute

    I don't know how to perform a reverse traceroute on OS X, or whether it's even possible.
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    To do a reverse traceroute you will need to use a traceroute gateway (e.g., a routing looking glass running on a remote website from the network you are attempting to diagnose).

    Traceroute initiated from your machine will only show you routing as it works from your machine.

    The only way traceroute could be "reversed" (due to the inherent limitations of how it works) via your machine is if it simply displayed the hops in reverse order. If that's what you want just read them in reverse order.

    disclosure: i am employed as a network professional

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