iPhone How to enable LTE on your iPhone without Carrier Update

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    If your carrier has 4G LTE deployed and running for other phones, but not yet on your iPhone, because of Apple's strict quality control, which may take months, or for other reasons. This might help you. I've tried it on iPhone 5 (A1429) and now I have LTE on my iPhone.

    1. Add the following source in Cydia: http://apt.chinasnow.net/ and install CommCenter patch for iOS7
    2. Browse to /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/iPhone/NameOfYourCarrier.bundle
    3. Edit carrier.plist and and these two lines

    4. Then you'll have to copy and paste two files, which are in CarrierLab.bundle folder to your NameOfYourCarrier.bundle

    These files are: overrides_N51_N53.plist and overrides_N51_N53.pri

    5. Reboot your iPhone.

    You should connect to LTE if you are in the area where it's available.

    Guide is taken from: http://al-kooheji.com/random/5sltehack/ Instead of copying everything to Unknown.bundle I copied to my carrier's folder.
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    Does this work for tmobile? My son has gosmart which is 3G. Getting him tmobile lte would be great

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