How to ensure that i am using wifi ?

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    I am a proud owner of a 3g iPhone. I connected it at home to my wifi. As. I have a limited data Plan i would like to ensure it uses the wifi at home. How can i do that ?
  2. nanvinnie macrumors regular

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    if you're wifi at home is constantly avail, you should be fine. there's no way (i think) to shut off edge or 3g so just look for the wifi sign up top.
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    Yeah, just look up by where it gives the cell phone signal strength. It's "E" for EDGE and "3G" for 3G and it will turn to this for wi-fi:

    If you see that, you're on wi-fi.

    Oh, and you CAN turn off 3G if you want, but that's just to save power if you're away from home and doing more talking than surfing. That has nothing to do with wi-fi, which will override both EDGE and 3G.
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    You can put it into 'airplane mode' and then activate the wi-fi and it's only on the wifi then ..

    not sure tho if this is what you meant!


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