How to export a single (segmented) GarageBand track as multiple songs?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Lyle, Mar 12, 2010.

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    I'm trying to digitize an audio cassette recording that has multiple songs; I want to end up with a collection of MP3 files. I've hit a snag and wonder if there's a way to recover at this point, or if I'm going to need to start over.

    I imported the entire recording as a "track" in GarageBand, by running an audio cable from the cassette player's headphone jack into my iMac's microphone jack. This worked fine. Then I went back and split the track into various regions (i.e. one region per song), trimming out dead space in-between songs and so forth as I went along.

    When I go to GarageBand's "Share" menu and try to export the song to iTunes, it's wanting to send over the entire track's contents. There is no immediately obvious way to select one region and tell GB "export this as song1.mp3" and then select a different region and say "export this one as song2.mp3".

    Am I screwed? If so, if I need to start over, what is it that I want to do differently this time? If I'm not completely screwed, what can I do to recover at this point? (Wondering if I have to create multiple GB projects, one each per song, and then see if I can "copy" individual regions from this original project into the new ones).

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions. :D
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    You've done everything right, but after splitting the tracks into regions put each region onto it's own real instrument track.

    Solo one track at a time and adjust the end of project length in the Ruler Bar.

    Go to share menu and export the song.

    Unsolo the track and Repeat this for every other track.

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  4. Arrandale macrumors regular

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    this was much more work than you needed to do :(

    in the future, just enable the 'cycle region' (the loopy arrow at the end of the transport controls)

    drag the cycle region (appears as a yellow strip at the top of the timeline) to encompass your desired section to export

    ... and export... only the cycle region will be exported... no multiple track and dreary solo/unsolo business
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    Wow thanks, @Arrandale! This old article of yours has made me save precious hours of work. Can you believe that most forums/discussion groups all forget to mention this nice little trick of yours?

    You deserve a medal!

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