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    I'd like to export all the photos I have in my Aperture library in whatever form they are...raw or .jpg, for example, as photos so I can import them into another photo processing application, e.g., Lightroom 5.

    I don't want to export the photos one at a time, obviously. But I can't seem to find the command that would allow me to do what I want.

    Suggestions? Thanks!:D
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    I think the best you're going to get is being able to export one project at a time. Select the project and right click on the project name and select Export->Original.

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    The fastest way is to transform your entire photo library from "managed" to a "referenced".

    Every original will be moved to the external file system... using a hierarchy of your existing projects. From there, you can import them into LR or whatever program that you want. When done... you can delete Aperture.

    You mention that you want to move to a different "photo processing" application. Both Aperture and Lightroom are Digital Asset Mangers (DAM) and as such are more "photo management" applications. Both have some photo processing capabilities... but their purpose is "management"... rather than "processing". When it comes to photo management... many consider Aperture to be best-in-class... especially within the Mac ecosystem.


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