How to export Keychain?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by v2club, Oct 15, 2013.

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    I want to do some housekeeping and clean install OS X, as you can imagine I want to keep all my Wi-fi passwords, web passwords etc. I had a quick read around the forum but something did not quite work right. One of the answers was:

    “Provided you have the same username, you should be able to copy ~/Library/Keychains/login.keychain to the same spot on your new Mac.”

    I have tried that but I only have apsd.keychain and System.keychain. Another suggestion was:

    "You can copy the entire set of keychains directly without exporting them. According to mac help, they're generally found in the keychains folder in your library folder. Copy them to a usb drive or put them somewhere secure on the network, then open keychain access in lion. You can then add them with the "+" button, and select the file from your drive.

    You’ll have to give your old password, but presumably you know that”

    I tried that as well. It lets you copy one item at a time and you can only copy the password…

    Any new suggestions besides copying 1 by 1 every single password and what it is for?
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    I just normally use Migration Assistant with the new install, and import my user settings from a backup. This restores basically all your personal stuff.

    Edit: To clarify, you need a full backup of your entire system; either through Time Machine, or a disk cloning software to an external disk (I prefer this). The Migration Assistant is a basic feature of OSX.
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    You didn't look at the right place.

    ~/Library is the user's Library, your Library.

    You found apsd.keychain and System.keychain because you looked at the HD/Library, not yours.

    You need to look at :


    Here you will find : login.keychain, which is the file you need, as said here :

    “Provided you have the same username, you should be able to copy ~/Library/Keychains/login.keychain to the same spot on your new Mac.”

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