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Sep 20, 2008
I'm in the process of trying to manually save lots of stuff on my MBP, and then rebuild it. So for itunes I want to save my library. However, last time I did this (years ago) you couldn't just save your whole library PLUS playlists. So I recall exporting my playlists one by one and then importing them to another mac, or the same mac when I'm setting it all up again.

Now I see that in the version of Itunes I'm running ( there is no obvious way to export playlists either individually or in a group ?

Actually I just found where you can export your library and playlists within File>Library>Export (no thanks to the itunes help search which typically turns up nothing !)

So I still have a similar question: Is there now an easier way to save the whole library plus playlists, or would I have to export everything individually ?

Any help appreciated !
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