How to fix iBook G4 "logic board/display" problem

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by benjamin.kelley, Mar 6, 2011.

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    So I bought an iBook G4 1.07GHZ, early 2004 model 12" off ebay. After a day or two, the screen started randomly turning off, the screen would be on, i could see the backlight, it would just go black and the computer would still be on but quit everything.

    And more and more would when I would reboot, as soon as I hit the power button, The backlight would come on, no image, no chime, but the fans would churn like a jet engine and couldn't cut power unless battery removed.

    I was about to return the item for a refund but I found a page about "this known iBook G4" logic board issue and this guy actually found the problem and how to fix it without buying a new logic board. It's not the logic board, it's just one chip on the logic board that was either designed with a flaw or such.

    He describes the problem being after months/years of heating and cooling down, this one chips connectors would crack and loose contact with the logic board, causing these problems. It mainly happened when the system would heat up and the connectors would expand.

    As a temp fix, he said take the bottom case off and Put a rubber shim on top of the chip and replace the case, causing slight pressure down on the chip to maintain contact. With over 600 comments and they all seemed to work for everyone, I tried it, and what do you know, it worked, so far, like a charm. It is a temp fix, who's to know how long it last, Maybe a week, maybe over a year. But the real fix is to solder the tiny connectors again to achieve a new connection. Very simple, it's more skill to disassembled the notebook itselfs as these G4 iBooks are known for the hair pulling repairs due to how they are built and assembled. I replaced the hardrive and it was over an hour job just getting in and popped it in. My old G4 Powerbook, I achieved a drive swap in 10 minutes. Hopes this helps anyone with this problem!

    The link can be found here with intructions and photos to identify the problem. My iBook 1.07GHZ had the same logic board as his photos, my G4 1.33ghz is different, even though people with higher processors than 1.07 have had this problem, It mainly "effected" 800MHZ-1.07GHZ models.
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    Wow it's been years since I seen that link lol. Yep. Always worked for me :D

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