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Oct 23, 2011
Recently, i figured out that my Macbook Pro trackpad was less responsive than 3 years ago :p
Then i searched Google and found the fix
I got this from because i didn't take any picture or video when i fix mine :(

It works on Unibody Macbook Pro/Macbook that have multi-touch trackpad
Here's the tool:
#00 Philips Screwdriver
Tri-Wing Screwdriver (Same one that Nintendo products use)
T6 Hex Screwdriver

Step by step:
[EDIT] I have resized those pictures

Step 1: Unscrew the 10 screws with the #00 Philips screwdriver and remove the backplate (keep note that the 3 screws on the top-left are longer than the rest).

Step 2: Unscrew the two screws holding the battery down with the Tri-Wing Screwdriver.

Step 3: Unplug and remove the battery (can be difficult, but be careful not to rip the plug).

Step 4: Here you should see the bottom of the trackpad, on the trackpad you’ll notice a screw (circled below). All you need to do is SLIGHTLY tighten/loosen the screw (1/8th of a full rotation).

Step 5: Put your computer back together (reverse above directions) and test the trackpad, you may need to open the computer back up a few times to get your trackpad working perfectly, remember to only adjust the trackpad slightly at a time, the slightest rotation makes a HUGE difference.

Here's a video how to do this :)

So, i have fixed the trackpad on my MBP, remember, i am not responsible for all damage that you caused after doing this
So please be careful.
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Apr 21, 2010
Just did this procedure and my Unibody white Macbook (late-2009) trackpad returned to work properly. It needed 3 tries until I found the proper screw position. Don't tight too much at a time because it can easily lock (and potentially break) your trackpad. My second try locked right and left physical buttons.

Also, the correct procedure for removing the battery on the Unibody White Macbook is the following:
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