How to: Fix your iBook power adaptor

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by mersea, Dec 22, 2007.

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    I thought I'd write this brief how-to incase anybody else ever needed the information. I have bought 3 power cords/connectors/adaptors for my iBook in the last three years - crazy, right? I stepped on the tip of the first one by accident, and was unable to bend in back into shape. The second one (a third party version by MacAlley) spontaneously conked on me, the brick stopped worked. And more recently my third, another third party bought cheap off eBay because I was fed up of paying, developed a connection issue somewhere in the wire (it worked fine, then I had to fiddle with the wire to get it to work, then it stopped working). With all these broken connectors sitting around, I figured there must be a way to solder them together and avoid paying another 30$ on eBay and being without a laptop for 2 weeks.

    Assemble all the broken adaptors you have, asses what works with what.
    - I took the brick from the original which was working fine and the tip from the 2nd cord (the one where the brick stopped working)

    Cut off the tip from both cords, make sure to leave plenty of wire attached to the brick and tip your using.

    Strip the tips of both wires, there should be two sections; an outside section (wrapped around the inside section) and an inside section. In the original Apple adaptor, the outside section was braided around the inside (which was incased in rubber) along with a yellow insulator. In the second adaptor (MacAlley) the outside was twisted around the separate inside wire.

    Clearly seperate the two sections of wire from each, then twist them together. MAKE SURE THEY TWO SECTIONS (INSIDE VS. OUTSIDE) ARE NOT TOUCHING. You don't want to short-circuit your adaptor.

    STEP FIVE (optional):
    Solder the wires together

    Tie a knot in the power chord before the connection, to avoid accidental stress on the joint, and cover it all with electrical tape.

    So far, its been working fine. But be warned, THERE IS SOME RISK INVOLVED WITH THIS PROCEDURE. My battery is charging fine and the iBook is powered as usual. I'm just waiting for the battery to fully charge to make sure the power adaptor stops charging the battery when its full (don't want a cooked battery!)
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    Cool. Just wondering...

    Have you ever drop your laptop with the power supply connected?
    Do you pull out the adapter by the end piece, not by the cable?
    How often do you wrap the cord this way?

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