How to format a MBPr Late 2013 SSD "right" and clean?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by CypressFX, Sep 29, 2015.

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    Hi guys!

    2 day ago I installed Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac and was shocked how many Malware , etc. has been found. Because of this and the fact that El Capitan is going to release tomorrow I wanted to format my MacBookPRo Retina Late 2013 1TB SSD completly. I know, that you can use for a format the Apple-own Disk Utility, but it is like under Windows that Quick Format. Also these Security Options are worthless (many sources say this, because of the fact, that it is useless because of the SSD). So how do I format "clean" and completly? I read something about a ATA Secure Erase, but havent found anythin how to carry that out on a Mac. Can somebody please help me out how I can format this thing right? It would be btw necessary to know if I decide someday to sell this thing:D Thanks to all !

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    I have read about users making a bootable Linux CD then from there running the ATA secure erase command, but have not tried that myself. You might try searching around on that a bit.

    An easier option is to just turn on OS X FileVault encryption and encrypt the whole disk. Then boot to an external USB key (like your El Capitan installer) and erase the whole disk with Disk Utility. After that even if someone managed to recover some of the formatted space, it would still be encrypted an inaccessible.
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    PartedMagic is what I use for secure erase of SSDs. I just use one of the last versions they had before they started charging for it ($9 for current version, or $49 for 1yr sub.)

    Here is the procedure on how to use PartedMagic to do a secure erase of an SSD.

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