How to format my external HDD to NTFS

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by compute, Jul 27, 2013.

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    Jun 11, 2013
    Hi people,

    I have an external HDD (Lacie) but every time i want to drag a file bigger than 4GB to my external HDD i get a message saying an error occurred and it won't let me transfer all other files smaller than 4GB are no problem.

    I would like to format my external HDD to NTFS only problem is i have absolutely no idea on how to do this on a mac i'm still running OSX leopard 10.6.8

    Could someone please explain in the most easy way on how to format my external drive please, i'm a real noob when it comes to this stuff. All help would be greatly appreciated.
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    May 16, 2008
    You can format drives using Disk Utility, after enabling writing to NTFS as follows. Mac OS X can only read NTFS drives natively, but writing is possible via several methods. NTFS (Windows NT File System)
    • Read/Write NTFS from native Windows.
    • Read only NTFS from native Mac OS X [*]To Read/Write/Format NTFS from Mac OS X, here are some alternatives:
      • For Mac OS X 10.4 or later (32 or 64-bit), install Paragon ($19.95) (Best Choice for Lion and Mountain Lion)
      • For Mac OS X 10.5 and later, including Lion, FUSE for OS X
      • For 32-bit Mac OS X, install NTFS-3G for Mac OS X (free) (does not work in 64-bit mode)
      • Some have reported problems using Tuxera (approx $36), which is an enhanced version of NTFS-3G with faster performance.
      • Native NTFS support can be enabled in Snow Leopard and later versions, but is not advisable, due to instability.
    • AirPort Extreme (802.11n) and Time Capsule do not support NTFS
    • Maximum file size: 16 TB
    • Maximum volume size: 256TB
    • You can use this format if you routinely share a drive with multiple Windows systems.
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    You will need to add a product like Paragon to enable writing the NTFS drives on your Mac. A better and free solution would be to format the external drive to ExFAT. You can do this with Disk Utility in OS X. That will allow read/write on both Mac and Windows machines.

    What you are seeing is the 4GB file size limitation of a FAT32 formatted drive. ExFAT does not have this limitation and should do the trick for you.
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    Jun 11, 2013

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