How to format the fusion drive ?

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    Hi everyone I did a time machine back up and most of my applications are giving me errors like cs6 and others. I just want to restore the iMac and install it clean version of Osx, so how do I format if without losing the fusion drive? Do I just boot holding option and do a regular formatt will it unfuse it ?? Please help me with this I want to make sure I don't mess the fusion drive up. Thanks
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    You should be able to "Erase" the Fusion drive, and then reinstall the OS as you would do with any "single" drive. You can then either reinstall your applications or use Setup Assistant (Migration Assistant) to restore from a TM backup or a clone copy of your original system.

    Booting while holding "COMMAND R" will reinstall the proper version of OS X for the new iMac and requires an Internet connection for the download. It will also give you Disk Utility to "Erase" your drive prior to OS X install if you desire (I think the install does it for you as well).

    I wouldn't try reformatting it unless you really have a serious problem.

    Don't worry about "messing up the Fusion Drive" as you can easily re-create it manually even if the automatic re-join fails.

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