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Sep 9, 2014
I haven't actually done this but I just did some figuring from prices that are posted on

iPhone 6 prices

(16gb) $199 w/o contract $649
(64gb) $299 w/o contract $749
(128gb) $399 w/o contract $849

iPhone 6 plus prices

(16gb) $299 w/o contract $749
(64gb) $399 w/o contract $849
(128gb) $499 w/o contract $949

Here is how you save $100

Just buy the phone in contract and pay the ETF

AT&T ETF = 325

That right there is how you knock $100 off the price of your new iPhone 6/6+

I don't know how the activation fee factors into this. Maybe you could call in and ask for it to be waved the first day and on day 2 drop the bomb on them.

I've been using an AT&T sim through straight talk for a few years now and have saved a lot of money from buying my phones out of contract and just paying $45 a month for unlimited AT&T service.

Has anyone tried this before?
What was your experience with doing it?

Couple of links I used to get this information.

Another guy has a write up on how to get the 6+ for only $120 after using Tmob for a year.

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Oct 25, 2013
After paying for service, activation fee and taxes, you'll likely be at parity with just buying the phone full price not to mention you wouldn't have the hassle of dealing with AT&T and Verizon trying to cancel the contract. To me, that alone is worth forgoing the $50-125 possible savings. :rolleyes:


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Nov 14, 2012
By the time you add in the activation fee, the first month of service, the ETF and tax on the ETF you'll pay more in the long run.
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