How to get 15-35% off of a mac purchase

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    First and foremost, I take absolutely no responsibility if you screw this up somehow. Now, lets begin with the core of the idea.

    1. Go to
    2. Type in "gift card"
    3. Click on the ebay link that says "Buy Gift card. You may get [15-25]% off with PayPal if eligible." (It varies by day)
    4. When you get to ebay, type in "Apple gift card"
    5. Buy a gift card, hopefully a pretty expensive one (300+).
    6. Repeat steps 1-5 three times.
    7. Use said cards to buy the mac of your choice.

    One of the biggest things to watch for is the price on It changes almost every day. The highest it'll go is 25%, but the lowest I've seen it is 15%. I could be wrong, it might be 10%, but that doesn't matter, you want to wait for the higher ones.

    As for getting the cashback, that will take 60 days from the date of the purchase. But, you could always pay through paypal with a credit card, and get CASH back, so it may be an advantage to some (like me).

    There are lots of little tips and tricks on TOP of all this to get up to 35%. For instance, if you are a student, you get the regular 10% off. If you are part of ADC you get 20% off. So a $2000 MBP with 20% off = 1600. Lets say you get 15% off of the 1600 through gift cards, that's 1360. That's almost 33% off. Granted with taxes and the 100$ admission for students to the ADC all that it'll probably be closer to 25%...but still.

    If you have time to wait (almost a month til the supposed refresh of laptops), be patient. Some people will take advantage of the cashback and charge you 530$ for a 500$ gift card, wait for one that is 480-490 for a 500$ gift card.

    In my case, I ended up paying about 1350-1400$ for 1750$ worth of gift cards because I was impatient...which sucks because I'm waiting for the revision of the MBP. But all in all, 1400$ for a 2000$ laptop ain't bad.

    I'm busy so I probably won't be here very often to check this thread, so if you have questions it'd be best to message me.
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