How to get a subsidized iP5 AND keep unlimited data without adding a line.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by kfergiez, Oct 3, 2012.

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    I just got off the phone with Verizon and found some interesting information with regards to keeping my unlimited data package WITHOUT adding a dumb phone line.

    My wife and I have two lines. One with an upgrade that is due now, and the other that will be available in Dec. Basically the guy told me that if I use my upgrade and buy the iP5 subsidized for $199, I can activate it on my line for 24 hours. After that, I can activate it on my wife's line, and I'd activate my OLD iPhone on my line. So, she would have kept the unlimited data for her line. If I activate my OLD phone on my line within 14 days, I can call and say that I swapped phones with the wife, and I;m back with my OLD phone, and I want my unlimited data back, they'll give it to me. WHAMO! Both lines still have unlimited data.

    When HER activation comes around in Dec, we can do the same thing, use her upgrade to get a subsidized iP5, use it on her line for 24 hours, then swap it to mine, call within 14 days and BAM. Two new iP5's, subsidized with unlimited data.

    This whole scenario came directly from Verizon's 800 number. The guy's name was Ray. He told me he did it all the time for customers to buck the system.

    Has anybody done this? Is this too good to be true???
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    Well after talking to several other representatives, this whole theory has been debunked... So sad.

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