iPhone 11 Pro How to get an iPhone 11 Pro tomorrow?


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Jul 17, 2008
update: got me a green iphone 11 pro

woke up around 6am due to excitement, checked my siri shortcut, siri says midnight green 64 GB available.
reserved it for the earliest slot, 10am.
Apple Cupertino Infinity Loop (Apple Park was unavailable)
walked up to the store at 9:30am, first reservation in line, there were ~10 people ahead of me for walk-ins (although store employees put them on reservation system afterwards anyway, so i was already 1 step ahead of them)
first in line to be checked in via QR code.
first to get into the store.
guy brought out my midnight green 11 pro, and i bought a silicon case
walked out around 10:30
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