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Discussion in 'iPad' started by jdb200k, Sep 19, 2013.

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    So I updated my iPad to iOS7 and like it so far. But! While the new wallpapers are nice, the update seems to have wiped out the old Apple wallpapers. There are few I would like to keep, including the one that is now on my iPad. I know it exists on the iPad or I couldn't see it, but if I go into Settings to look for it or the other old Apple wallpapers, I don't see it. :confused:

    How can I get at this to save it? Can I get at the older ones?

    There is a Mac app called PhoneView that will let you get at a lot of things on an iPhone - is there something similar for the iPad? I do not want to jailbreak the device.
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    Good clue in there!

    Yes, that article is about the iPhone, but I think it has a clue on how to get at the files:

    "If you want the iOS 6 iPhone wallpapers on your own non-iOS 6 device, then you can download all of them in a single ZIP file below. They came directly from the filesystem after decrypting & extracting the root filesystem’s DMG file (/Library/Wallpaper/iPhone/)."​

    I'll bet it's the same in the iPad. Too bad I apparently have overwritten them! Although, that one old one is still being used as my wallpaper
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    Sep 8, 2010

    No joy so far. Tried PhoneView and even with Advanced/Expert mode turned on, it does not show the /Library part of the filesystem.

    Several other people are asking over at discussions.apple.com but no answers...

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    Yes it is, thank you! (Now to wait for the guy's poor Dropbox link gets re-enabled). :)

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