how to get dictator to rip with handbrake?


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Aug 13, 2012
having problem with my copy of dictator usa, handbrake new version does not work exits right quick

many others tonight worked fine dictator does not :(

can someone please give me a hand


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Aug 22, 2012
Alexandria, VA
Try this...

You need to find out which of 99 titles is actually the movie. I found the next paragraph on that explains how to do it.

Just insert the DVD and let Apple’s DVD Player application play it. Skip through the previews, commercials, and whatever else crops up before you can watch the movie. When the main feature finally begins playing, push your cursor to the top of the display to reveal the menu bar. From that menu bar choose Go -> Title. Scan down the long list of titles and you’ll see a check next to one of the titles. This is the title number of the real main feature. Make a note of it.

You can now return to HandBrake and instruct it to rip this title as the main feature. All should now be well.

When you start Handbrake click cancel (don't select a source).
Click "File", then "Open Source (Title Specific)..., then the box pops up that normally does looking for you to select the source. Select "The Dictator" as you would normally.
Now another window pops up asking you which title you are looking for. For my copy of "The Dictator", it looks like it's #59. Mine is running at the moment.

Hope this helps.

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Oct 11, 2012
Need to restart Handbrake first

The above report about opening title 59 works fine as long as you do it as soon as you start handbrake. Fooling around with different methods leaves Handbrake in a state where it cannot open any title. Restarting handbrake and following the procedure worked fine.:)