How to get Donations box in iWeb

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    Hey guys,

    I am building an iWeb website rand am looking for a way to get a donations section into iweb.

    Does anyone know how to get a donation thing into my website so that I can take donations perhaps via paypal?
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    Re: How to get Donations box in iWeb

    I do not know much about Apple computers or iWeb, but I know this will help you. First of all please tell a little about iWeb for I have no idea what it is. I have a pc but want to get an Apple computer in the future when I can afford one. I have been exploring all the things necessary to run an online business and PayPal is great for businesses in all stages of their company development. You will need a premium or business account with PayPal as it will not work for a personal account its easy to upgrade and if you need help just ask me. Also you may need a bank account linked to your PayPal account in order to withdraw your funds from donations so you can use them. If you do not have a bank account linked to your PayPal account let me know and I will give you instructions on how to do add it to your PayPal account.

    Note: Read all of this before you do anything, some steps may require to to do something first before creating your donate button. Also you may have to refresh your browser page frequently where you are viewing your PayPal account so you don't get logged out until you complete every step.

    1. First (which is obvious, but I should be systematic) Login to PayPal

    2. Click on the blue tab near the top titled Merchant Services, or click here after you login to PayPal

    3. On the left click on Website Payment Standard, or click here after logged into PayPal.

    4. In the are under payment you can add it will have a donate icon with a mouse cursor on it click accept contributions below that, or click here after logging into PayPal.

    5. Click the Get Donations Buttons below the orange Donate icon, or click here after you logged into PayPal.

    6. Now you must specify your options for donate button and your actual donations.
    A. Decide on a name for these donations (for mine I used something like "Please help fund my company by donating") and put it in the Donation name/service field.
    B. For easy tracking purposes (optional) pick a code number for the Donation ID/number field containing numbers, and possibly letters.
    C. If you want your donors to donate an amount which they can not change, then place it in the Amount field. Otherwise, skip this and go to D of step 5.
    D. Make sure that in the currency field U.S. Dollars is chosen, since you are from the US as myself.
    E. Make sure that in the Buyer's default country field United States is chosen.
    F. Select the style/size of your button in the Choose button style field; or use your own button image (not recommended due to level of difficulty).
    G. If you even know a little about HTML coding (don't need to know much) and you would like to change the look of your button, price or other details then choose the no option in the Button encryption field. Otherwise, choose yes and you will not be able to change anything using HTML coding. I chose yes for simplicity, but if you know any HTML coding then it up to you.

    7. At the bottom you may choose the Create Button Now or Add More Options, I recommend the later. Go to step 9 if you choose Create Button Now. Go to step 8 if you choose Add More Options.

    8. Donations-Page 2:
    A. If you have a custom payment page (if you don't know what that is then you don't have one, but you may go here to learn more about it and create one) then in the Custom payment page style field's drop down box choose the one you wish to use. If you do not wish to do that or don't have one then select PayPal in this field. Make sure you choose one or it may degrade your customers' experience. With PayPal selected for this field they will be able to return to your webpage they were at prior to clicking your donate, or one of the pages on your iWeb website based on what you decide for B and C of step 8, button by clicking on Return to Merchant. You may also preview what they will see by clicking on the blue Preview button.
    B. In the area that says customize your donor's experience you can do two things if you like.
    B1. You may create a page on you iWeb website for successful payments or if you have a digital product uploaded to your iWeb webpage that you want to give them as a symbol of your gratitude; which ever you do the URL needs to be placed in the Successful payment URL field. If you do not want to do either then skip to B2 of step 8. You may create one for all successful payment or one for particular products, or one for all from your Buy Now buttons, one for all from your Add to Cart buttons, and one for all from your Donate button(s). If you choose to do this you must create this page first. When you have done that take note of the url of that page (i.e. and place it in the Successful payment URL field. Please make sure you click on the question mark to the right of the Edit button, which is to the right of text area where you place your URL for successful payment page.
    B2. Also you may a page on you iWeb website for canceled payments. If you do not want to do this then skip to C of step 8. If you decide to do this but not B1 of step 8 then please refer to its instructions and apply them but only for a page for canceled payments instead of successful payments. Once you have created the webpage you wish to use place the URL in the Cancel payment URL field.
    C. Choose your options in the Shipping preferences field. For your donate button choose no shipping needed. Other than for donations and digital products I don't know anything about setting up shipping.
    D. If you would like your customers/donors to add a note to their payment and/or provide them with special instructions to them then for the Notes and special instructions field do one or both of the following:
    D1. Choose yes so they can add a note.
    D2. In the note title field type any instructions you want to give them for your website or whatever your choose.
    E. In the Email address field if you use more than on email with PayPal choose the one you want to receive your donations at.
    F. Either click the Edit button to go back to the previous page and make changes or click the Make Button Now button.

    9. Click within the coded area under the Encrypted HTML code for Websites field and it will select all the coded text. In that same area use your right mouse button to click and then select Copy, or after it is all selected (will be blue) push and hold the Ctrl key then push the c key on your keyboard to copy all the coded text.

    10. Now open a desktop publishing program like wordpad, notepad, Microsoft word, what ever you use for your Apple computer.

    11. In the text area of this program paste the HTML coding for your button you just copied by either holding your Ctrl key then push your v key on you keyboard or right clicking on you mouse then select paste. You should see a bunch of HTML coding. Do not close this this program until completing all of these steps. You do not need to save this as a file on your computer or anywhere.

    12. Now minimize your desktop publishing program, not close, and go back to PayPal. If you would like to make another button for donations just click the Create another button button. Otherwise, click the Done button.

    13. You have successfully created your Donate button to receive donations with PayPal, now you need to place it on you iWeb website.
    A. Login to where you can configure your iWeb website and make updates/changes to it.
    B. Choose the webpage you wish to place your Donate button (i.e.
    C. Find the area where you can edit it using HTML coding, it may say edit with HTML, and go there. Make sure it is specifically for that page which you chose.
    D. Now go back to your desktop publishing program where you pasted the HTML coding for your button. Select all this coding and copy it like described in step 9. Minimize your desktop publishing program again.
    E. Go back to your area where you can edit the page you want the button to be using HTML. In the HTML coding text area just place your copied code for your button as described in step 11.
    F. The coding from the button should appear in this HTML area. Save these changes, then publish the page.

    14. Now confirm that is live and works by going to the webpage you specified it to be at (i.e. and click on your donate button. If you are redirected to a PayPal page that looks like mine after clicking my donate button which is here here, but with your email address for your PayPal account instead of mine then it works and your done.

    I do not yet have a website, just a subdomain with google, and I need help with funding my business. Please help me find places on the internet where I can ask for donations. If you would like you may donate also.

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