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  1. wormyapple macrumors newbie

    Nov 7, 2013
    I have a customer whose husband died, and she wants to get his pictures and videos that are on her iPhone onto her PC. I understand that unless the photos/videos were created on the iphone, they won't be visible if I plug in with a USB and go to devices. In fact, unless I delete these files, the real iphone photos won't even show up in the device that should appear. The "geniuses" at the Meatpacking DIstrict Apple Store told me this, and their easy method was to email every file out of the iphone and then delete them. Insane... but anyway.

    I won't get into asking why Apple is so anal about your own access to your own data.

    I downloaded a program called iphonexdrive to my PC. But everyone seems to only be using to STORE files onto the iphone. Does it work both ways, so I can copy the files to the PC? I don't want them deleted from the phone. Does it work for Video? Has anyone lost data from the iphone when using the product? Are there any other free products that do this out there?

    Thanks for any advice, or another way to do this. I definitely don't want to hack the phone, just read the data. No idea why it should be so hard. And if any info I got from the geniuses is wrong, please let me know!

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    Aug 27, 2012
    If you are interested on materials NOT created on the phone then they came from somewhere right, like husband PC? his iTunes purchase?

    Everybody who used/worked with Apple knows, Privacy, piracy, appease contend providers. Apple even used to DRM (digital right management) so contend providers don't freak out their stuff being copied left and right.

    Yes, yes, you have a "special" case. How special is it anyway if you are willing to pay $0?

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