Carrier how to get free tech support from apple for your iphone

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    Aug 28, 2013
    If any one needed technical support or a how to question answered for your iphone 4 or 5 after your 90 days of complimentary technical support has run out this is how to do it. Just call up your cell phone provider like at&t have them WAIT on the phone with you until an apple care specialist come's on the line and tell them you needed a one time exception for your technical support issue with your iphone, since your nice at& t phone rep was on the phone with you at the time ( no cold transfers!!!) then they ( apple) will then give you free technical support and you have just saved 19 or 29 dollars that apple would have charged you for a technical support issue or a how to question with your with your iphone today or ipad as well. Thanks for reading
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    Mark Booth

    Jan 16, 2008

    Do a Google search for the issue you're having with the iPhone, find answers and help on the web via forums such as this one, etc., and save the time and hassle of being on hold with a clueless AT&T or Verizon rep!

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    Yup . . . I used to take calls for Apple through one of their many contractors. We would always do an exception for calls transferred from carriers; the customer didn't have to ask for it. The sound quality was terrible on calls that were transferred from carriers, and I often felt like the carriers may have been listening in, so I'd often call the customer back. The sound quality with our headsets was bad overall, but was made much worse with transfers for some reason.

    Having to pay for phone tech support for such an expensive device is silly, I think. On the other hand, some calls go on for a long time, especially regarding setting up e-mail accounts and WiFi networking issues. So while you pay, you end up getting pretty good support. But I have no problem with the idea of customers getting free tech support for expensive devices. It's hard to think of many other companies where you would have to pay for tech support. I don't pay for tech support if I contact Braun, Whirlpool, TV manufacturers, small shareware developers, etc. I pay for service, but not support.

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