How to get my shared drive into mobile me

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    I bought the airport extreme and it was advertised if I attached a HDD to it that I could access it over the web if I was a Mobile Me member... but I have had no such luck... does any one know how to set this up thanks... I can see it on my desktop as a shared folder just don't know how to be able to access it from any where thanks the help would be greatly appreciated!!

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    FatMacMan - are you talking about sharing an external drive with your airport extreme like this?:

    If so, then do this:

    Sharing a USB hard drive
    Once you’ve set up your wireless network, it’s easy to share files with everyone on your network by connecting an external hard drive to AirPort Extreme.

    Connect the hard drive to the AirPort Extreme USB port.
    Open AirPort Utility, select your base station, and click Manual Setup.
    Choose Disks in the toolbar and enable file sharing in the File Sharing tab.

    See this article:

    Hope this helps you :)

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