How to get off on the right foot? New MBP

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by usernotabuser, Jun 21, 2007.

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    Jun 21, 2007
    I just bought a new MBP and wanted to know get advice from the veterans on what to do first. Anything would be helpful such as charging it first, warming up the screen by keeping it on continuously, creating a boot disk? Any programs I need to download for benchmarking, or 'virus' scan? As you can tell, I am new to mac coming from the other side of the gates.
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    If you want to have a Mac user mind-set..... here's the steps.

    1) Open box
    2) Plug adapter to Mac to charge the battery
    3) Turn on Mac
    4) Fill your information out, register your Mac.
    5) Explore the Applications folder :D

    Once you do... you'll be mac'd in the head.
    Congratulations on the new Mac!

    - New MBP's have LED's.... i don't think they need to be warmed up since they don't use a bulb.
    - I don't think they have boot disks for the Mac
    - Charging it would be a good idea

    Oh yeah... to be fair to the other half...

    To keep a PC... (proper composure) You can:

    1) Charge your battery up
    2) Put your settings the way you want it (user icon, mail settings, energy saver, dock preferences, desktop picture, screen saver, and KB + Mouse tracking/typing)
    3) Download Perian 0.5 (lets you play mostly any format through your quicktime)
    4) Install the software that came with most of your peripherials....if you want.
    5) Download Firefox?
    6) Download Carbon Copy Cloner and make a backup of your current data onto an external hard drive
    7) Search online for virus protection software and purchase one for download online.
    8) Place shortcuts everywhere on the desktop
    9) Click on the apple on the top left and choose software update
    And that's just to start...

    OR option B

    1) Download Boot Camp from
    2) Install Boot Camp
    3) Load Windows onto the Mac
    4) Use Windows on a Mac. :eek: blasphemy!
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    Oh... my... God... *crosses himself*

    chanting... anul nethrack...

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