How to get out of a jail break

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by Matthewserta, Aug 15, 2017.

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    Several iOS versions ago I used Pangu to jailbreak my phone. Now that tethering is included in most unlimited plans I no longer need to be jailbroken. I've tried to completely reset my phone, even put it into DFU mode and do a clean wipe of the operating system, but my issue is every time I restore from iCloud somehow it gets some of the jailbreak files back. Mainly this prevents me from updating my phone OTA, which is an annoyance to me..

    Is there anyway that I can completely remove this jailbreak Without having to discard my iCloud backup? I have over 100GB of stuff I really don't want to loose.
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    But he's already unjailbroken. You need to be jailbroken to use Cydia Eraser right?

    If not, then maybe an option.
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    Cydia stores preference files and repos in both an iTunes and iCloud backup.

    What you should have done when you were jailbroken was to uninstall all your tweaks and remove repos, used iCleaner Pro to wipe out all their preference files, backup, and then DFU restores as new/upgrade and then restore from that backup.

    Now you're stuck. All a DFU restore and upgrade does is wipe the jailbreak itself and installed tweaks. It doesn't touch anything remaining in your backup.

    So that's your choice. Deal with this problem and keep your Gigs of data, or restore as new and rebuild.

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