How to Get Rich in Silicon Valley

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    Wanted to share this article from the Guardian with you all, thought it was good and funny.

    One of the most salient points that was mentioned in the article is the effect of the "let's teach everybody to code" initiative and how that's essentially going to wipe out these middle class programming jobs - and everybody in the Valley knows it.

    I used to be a "teach everybody to code" evangelist but realized that, if I were going to stay a software engineer I'm effectively destroying my own earning potential. Doctors and lawyers create exams and gate keep their professions. Software engineers should have done the same.

    Personally I'm looking to move into roles where having software engineering skills could be important, but the role is focused on some other aspect of a business.

    Hopefully this isn't moved to PRSI - I'm still banned from there.
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    But not everyone wants to learn or can learn. There are more law graduates now than before. This hasn't changed the salary for lawyers much. In life, you get what you pay for.

    The real winners in SV are those who can vest out their shares and sell when appropriate, and invest that money into more stable things.
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