How to get the information of Licensed Device?

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by rajneesh.deora, Jun 23, 2009.

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    Hi All,

    WE need to get the information of an external device that is approved by Apple. I am using External Accessary Framework for this.

    Actually this device is an GPS Receiver. I just need to know is Apple going to provide any protocol detail for the licensed device or we need to integrate from our side or need to participate in Made for Apple program..

    If need to participate in Made for Apple program then how will they help us..

    If we need to do from our side then how would we do this..

    Have got the list of default list of Devices using EAAccessaryManager like iObject and iSomething.

    In EAAccessory Manager class with a External NSString EAAccessaryKey that gives the EAAcessary Object but how we can access this string. also please let me know about notification when device get connected or not..

    Please help me on this to figure it out..
    Any help will be appreciated..

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    All accessories have to be part of the Made For iPod program to work. Is that what you mean by your device is "licenced" by Apple?
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    Can you please tell me how this Made For iPod program help..?


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