How to get Top Tabs in Safari 4 final

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    I cribbed most of this from

    You'll need Pacifist, A copy of the Safari4beta installer and the full Safari 4 installed.

    I did have a couple problems though.
    First the beta doesn't seem widely available anymore, but if you look hard you can find it.
    I won't post any links here or share it, since it's against forum rules. It can be a demon to find, but there are a couple of safe harbors.

    Mount the disk image and open Safari4.0BetaLeo.pkg with Pacifist.

    Switch to the Resources tab, then click the disclosure triangle of the other Safari4.0BetaLeo.pkg

    click on the file called Payload then click the extract to icon in the title bar. Choose somewhere to put it, the desktop is fine.

    This is the part that confused me, I thought pacifist would fully extract the contents of the payload file, but i couldn't find a way to do it in the program.

    I finally figured out that payload is a .zip file, so rename it to and double click on it.

    It will unzip a couple things and you should end up with a folder called Payload.

    Inside are 3 directories, the only thing you need is the safari app in the applications folder.

    Rename that Safari app to something else, SafariTop, Safari4Beta, it doesn't matter, you just want to make sure it doesn't overwrite your full copy of safari.

    Drag it to your Applications folder and double click :)

    It seems to run fine, passes acidtest 3 with 100% so it should be using the new version of webkit installed with Safari 4 final and the new javascript engine, but I don't know how to test for that.

    I one or two things though, it seems to run a bit slower than the final version and when I ran the both the beta and the final at the same time the beta wouldn't load topsites correctly or the history page. It worked fine when only the beta was running though.

    Just to emphasize, make sure you keep the original copy of safe, it will be needed for future updates.
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    Or if you use Time Machine, simply restore the from one of the backups where the beta was installed. Just rename it so it doesn't overwrite the from the final realease as the OP stated so you can keep up with updates.
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    I found that this also works with the from the last Safari 3 update.
    You do lose Top Sites and coverflow in history though, but has the side benefit of disabling the Screenshots that Safari 4 takes of all the websites you visit.

    I assume they are both using the updated javascript engine, but I'm not sure how to verify that, does anyone know?

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    Yeah, that's what I did, at least until Chrome comes out. If you install the nightly webkit build you get all the speed of Safari 4.0.

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