How to go about this?


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Apr 20, 2006
I'd like to make a page where a user can generate images. The user would choose pictures or options (such as color) and the site would put them together to make one image.

How would I go about doing this? Any links that would show me how? What language would I use?

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Jul 24, 2006
Hollywood, CA
Yeah, that is pretty complex. Hopefully you have some programming experience. If you are just starting out, you are looking at at least a month to learn the necessary aspects of a server-side scripting language and image generating tools like ImageMagick (for example).


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Nov 29, 2005
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you'd first of all need to sort out what exactly it is you want the site to do, the specifics of the interactivity, and then figure out what steps would be needed in order to achieve that goal.
give us some more details :)