How to have main sound control sync with optical out?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Malfoy, Jan 3, 2006.

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    Nov 1, 2005
    It was very hard to come up with a title for this thread. But here is the problem: I have 5.1 speakers i used for my PC, Logi z680s. I plugged in an optical cable to them and the PM. The volume control doesnt seem to be synced at all to what is going on. So I can have the main volume all the way down and as long as there is volume in itunes up(not set to mute equivalent) and up on the speakers, there is sound coming out. If I use the speaker out cable(which only allows 2.1), the sound is "synced" so even if I have sound on the itunes up and the speakers, if I lower the volume all the way with the main controls, the sound will go off. How can I force the optical out to play nice and sync with my volume control?

    I think its worth noting I went into sound options, selected the optical out(when it was plugged in), and muted internal speaker but that didn't solve anything. I also know if I have the speaker volume set low enough to begin with, I can turn the volume down enough in OS X to make it seem mute. But needless to say that requires me manually messing with the speakers anytime I want anything over a whisper, so I can't really call that a solution. Any help would be appreciated.
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    As do i...

    I have the same problem you are having. I was using optical out for my Roland speakers(their volume control is on the rear). It created a huge problem because I would have their own volumes set at nominal levels for final cut pro, and one time i went to a website that had @**#ing audio on the page, and it blew both tweeters. I cant find a way to control it. I havent been able to find 3rd party software that will control the volume for optical out. I had to switch back to the 1/8 analog audio out, until I can buy a real sound card or figure out a way to make the optical work for what i need.
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    IIRC the digitial (optical) out is not affected by the System volume (as you have found out ), that is by design. You need to use the volume on the speakers control pod. iTunes and QuickTimes's volume is controllable because you are doing that in software before it hits the System's audio circuit.
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    Why the heck cant you mute it though atleast? that is the SUPER frustrating thing. Is there a way to hack the mute button? What really gets me is the mute WORKS FINE in windows on optical out. Apple, as usual, botched functionality for "experience".
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