How to identify the right battery for replacement


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Mar 19, 2012
Hi all,

I have a MBA 1.7 mHz i7 from mid-2013 as my everyday workhorse. It is still holding up but the battery occasionally fail, when it reaches below 30 percent. It has 1100 cycles and the full capacity is listed to 4693 mAh.

Two questions:
1: Would you consider changing battery at 1100 cycles? I mean, if the original mAh was only 5200, then not a lot is gained after all. But I am not sure, if the original capacity for the 2013-model was lifted to 7200 mAh.

2: How do I identify the correct replacement battery. It turns out that there are many models numbered "A1466". And also EMC 2632.
- When I do searches, some batteries for an "A1466" are 7.6v and 7200 mAh, while others 7.4 or even 7.3 v and only 5200 mAh.
- Will my machine work with the larger battery, 7200 mAh/7.6v/55 Wh - like this one:
- Or do I need to look for the 7.3v/5200 mAh?

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Apr 19, 2017
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The a1466 from mid-2013 to 2017 use the same battery with the same capacity:
  • Built-in 54‑watt‑hour lithium‑polymer battery

The original Apple battery in my early 2015 13" Air has a capacity of 6650 with 55 cycles.

I've had decent luck with third party batteries from Amazon.


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Sep 16, 2016
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Beware of the Asian knockoffs that are common on eBay and Amazon.
They may look nice and new with the set of screwdrivers that come with them, they are not worth it IMO.
While they may work the first few months, they will degrade very quickly.

I have a bunch of A1466 MBA I acquired and found out the hard way that the replacement batteries are priced lower for a reason.

Sharing my experience with many MBA batteries:
Newertech / NuPower 55Wh are the best for new batteries and lasts over 2 years with almost a full charge capacity. $79 from B&H is the best price I found for the $99 MSRP pricing.

Factory original Apple batteries that have been pulled from newer MBA and tested by the seller, I got a bunch from an eBay seller who tests each of their pulled batteries with a condition check and cycle count. So far these are the best for the money around $25 each...


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Mar 19, 2012
Thanks to both of you, to recap:
- the MBA mid 2013 runs on 7.6v 55Wh/7200mAh batteries.
- it is best to buy a good battery - or you would otherwise have to exchange it again in two years time or so.