How to increase resolution when importing stills

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by n8mac, Oct 1, 2009.

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    I am new to editing movies so bare with me. My question is, how do you increase the resolution in iMovie when you take a photo and import it?

    I ask because I have several photos with text blocks in them. I make the photos 640x480 in photoshop which look just fine. I import them into iMovie and the text becomes almost unreadable. So I go into the finder in the media folder in my project to find that iMovie took my photos down to 240x180! I exported to DV, play in QT and still unreadable. This is going to DVD so HD res is out. FYI I am using iMovie 3 to get my feet wet first, I will buy iLife soon.

    So if all versions of iMovie do not have a resolution option, do later versions at least import stills larger than 240x180? This resolution simply will not do, and this is not something I can retype in iMovie.

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    Did you know

    Did you know that iMovie 3 is 6 years old?

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