How to install iOS 7 Beta 4, without having previous beta's installed

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by ra4oasis, Aug 2, 2013.

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    Lets start by not giving me crap for not having a developer account. I am well aware this is beta software, with bugs, and it is not finished, and that I'm doing this at my own risk. I already know about DFU mode, and how to downgrade if I want, and I will downgrade if I can't resolve this issue.

    With THAT out of the way, Beta 4 seems very stable from what I've read, and I'd like to install on my iPhone 5. I installed Beta 1, thinking I had to start at the beginning, and upgrade from there, but I got a message about it being expired. When I install Beta 4, it looks like everything is working, but then my iPhone hangs at the Apple logo, with the status bar juuuuust barely showing progress, but it never progresses, it just sits there and hangs. Any ideas?
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