How to install new band on adapters (pin style)


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Jun 10, 2015
If you bought one of the pin style lug adapters from a source like freedomoclock (utica guy) or one of the other sources online selling them but don't know how to add your band to them, I found this site by Esslinger to be very helpful with directions/pictures and a nice closeup video of the pin style with holes on the end.

The Esslinger site also shows how to measure for your bands and how to remove links, etc. Metal, leather and rubber bands are covered, just look for the right link for the band you have.

This link on their site covers buckle and clasp replacements.
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Apr 23, 2015
I did a video reviewing and showing how to install these adapters :
Could you post a link of where the strap was bought from? I like it! Not a fan of the silver bit on the underside but externally it looks really nice! Am looking for something classy like that. Have been using the sport band ever since I got the watch.