How to install Skydrive on USB drive

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    For those who use SkyDrive, a big problem is that it doesn't support USB drives. Or USB adapters that can read MicroSD. With MicroSD supporting 64GB, it is very convenient as a second drive (permanent).

    To enable support, you have to do this..

    1) Install SkyDrive normally, and choose default location (which ends up being something like /users/YOURNAME/SkyDrive ).
    2) Sync, and make sure skydrive functions normally (try putting in some files)
    3) Plug in your USB drive
    4) Format your USB drive as hfs for better compatibility with OSX.
    5) Name your USB drive (without spaces) and memorize it.
    6) Make a directory under /users/YOUNAME/SkyDrive with same name as your usb drive.

    Now read this:

    The trick after reading the above is to mount your USB stick below your default SkyDrive folder.

    For example... if your skydrive folder is...


    When editing via sudo vifs... mount it to /users/YOURNAME/SkyDrive/usbdrivename

    where usbdrivename is the name of your usb drive name (make sure it is the same name, this is important).

    7) Do as the document says, but substitute the path with the changes listed above.

    8) You can right click on your usbdrive and eject, and then physically remove and insert it again. It should mount under the SkyDrive folder now.

    Tada! Now, instead of putting files inside the SkyDrive folder, put it inside the usbdrive folder INSIDE the SkyDrive folder. SkyDrive supports 25GB (for early users) for free and lower if you signed up later. Everything will be written to your USB drive, and it won't take up valuable space on your regular harddrive. (good for people who have low harddrive space, or have those macbook airs with ssd drives).

    Note that sometimes you may get some errors, and it is a bug Microsoft and Apple has to work out. Essentially, SkyDrive Cached Credentials can't be read or something like that. Just go into keychain access, right click on it, get info. Go to Access Control tab, and check "allow all applications to access this item".

    If it breaks, and SkyDrive doesn't recognize your folder under /users/YOURNAME/SkyDrive/ then that means Microsoft memorized your previous location, found something screwy, and disabled mounting on that location for the time being. So you would need to mount it at another location (not the default one). You can either repeat, the steps and relink your USB drive to that new location, or you can complain to Microsoft to release your old location so you can mount at that location again. (sometimes after mounting to the new location, you can go into "preferences" about, unlink and relink to the old location under /users/YOURNAME/SkyDrive works. But you would have to experiment.
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    Can i use this guide also to use Skydrive on SD?

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