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Apr 12, 2001

With the release of the iOS 10 public beta, many users are thinking about putting the new operating system on their devices to try out all of the new features. We've already taken a look at whether it's a good idea to install the iOS 10 public beta considering potential bugs and other issues that can interfere with your daily usage, but if you've decided to go ahead with installing it, we've put together this how-to to show you the steps you need to take.

First, you'll need to prepare your iOS device for the update, and the first step is backing things up in case you run into a problem. A full backup to iTunes is recommended, and it should be encrypted if you wish to preserve your Health and Activity data. Archiving the backup is also a good idea to make sure it remains available should you need to roll back from iOS 10.

Next, you'll need to install a profile on your device that will give you access to the beta software. It's accessible through Apple's Beta Software Program website, and once you've registered there you'll need to log in from the device you want to install the profile on.

If you've previously been enrolled in an iOS public beta or developer program, you may already have profiles installed on your device for testing beta software, and these should be removed through the Settings app before trying to install the new iOS 10 profile. It's possible you may also have a previous pending beta update such as a iOS 9.3.3 beta already downloaded to your device but not yet installed, and you'll want to remove that in Settings -> General -> Storage & iCloud Usage -> Manage Storage (Storage section) before proceeding.

Once the profile is installed and your device restarts, head to Software Update in Settings as with any other iOS update, and you should see iOS 10 Public Beta 1 available to install.

As you explore the public beta, you can use the included Feedback app to report bugs to Apple, and make sure to check out our iOS 10 forum to discuss your experiences with others and find answers to your questions.

Article Link: How to Install the iOS 10 Public Beta


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Feb 12, 2008
New York, NY
If you don't know how to install a beta, you shouldn't be using it in the first place.
Why shouldn't they? Everybody has to figure it out for the first time. Many educated people (who are aware of the risks) will want to test the beta and will eventually figure it out another way, but this video is very good for them. I think it's about as safe as my non-techie cousin following an iFixit repair guide to replace his 2011 MacBook Pro hard drive. And I think it's awesome watching people experiment with technology the way I used to as a kid (I always say to myself, better late than never). Who are you to judge who gets to play with betas, especially when I know some kids who don't even keep contacts on their phone, they just use FB Messenger. They aren't savvy, they just got bored of their phones standard and FBM syncs conversations across all devices, not just Apple. Their playing with the iOS 10 beta might just be what keeps them from switching over to Android.
Bottom line is, many people use their phones just as toys, games, snapchat machines. If they have to restart their phone from scratch, they won't mind. They've all dropped their phones in water and never backed up to iCloud because they had over 5GB. People are so used to losing their photos that they just trust Facebook and Google to keep their stuff safe in the event of a phone meltdown. So if they use the beta, and their crash reports help improve iOS 10, that's better for all of us.
Despite the fact that I've known how to install a beta since iPhoneOS betas existed, I won't. But I encourage as many people (who are informed of the risks, and MacRumors is one of the few sites who have created a clear, concise video explaining exactly that) as possible to use the public beta, because I'm dying for a stable xx.0 iOS release!


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Aug 16, 2006
If you don't know how to install a beta, you shouldn't be using it in the first place.
Hmm, I'd say that's more true for the dev. version, but to use a public beta you only have to be a user...if you need more knowledge than the average user has, the beta doesn't really make sense.
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Jun 19, 2013
Just installed this on my old 5s. Runs pretty smooth for a Beta. Especially since this is an older phone

Larry The L

Jun 9, 2016
If you don't know how to install a beta, you shouldn't be using it in the first place.
Huh?? That's absurd. Everyone who beta tests has had to start with the first one they tested. And they had to learn how to install it. Please educate us as to how you think a first time beta tester should know how to install the first beta they test since they have never done it before.


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Aug 19, 2008
Once you have this beta installed, can you then install watchOS 3 ? Or is that blocked from the public iOS beta?


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Jun 24, 2010
Normally I would install this but why the rush? Just like iOS 9 beta last year I'll see it soon enough and will have a solid year to play with it. And if I upgrade to iPhone 7/iPhone 6SS I will have software and faster hardware to boot. So why spoil the moment just to use beta software 2 months early if I'm not a developer? My phone and tablet is rock solid stable.


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Jul 8, 2016
I was one of the first to register for the beta. Like I registered during WWDC. When I click sign in, enter my AppleID, and agree to the terms of use, it just takes me back to the homepage, and I have tried on my iPhone 5s, iPad 4, and my 13" 2013 rMBP, all with the same result. Should I call Apple?


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Feb 11, 2011
Ottawa, Canada
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