How to Install Wikipedia on Your iPhone or iPod touch - Complete Guide

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    Feb 2, 2008
    Jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch on firmware 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 (1.1.3 seems to unstable at the moment, especially because of Total Commander problems through the latest ZiPhone jailbreak) with at least 2.3 GB of free space on it

    Total Commander (

    T-PoT iPhone/iPod touch plugin (

    Wikipedia Application (

    Wikipedia dump (Torrent - Rapidshare Files - Password for extraction is: touchhax)

    Step 1 - Get Total Commander Up and Running
    Extract the Total Commander archive and run its executable file. Extract the T-PoT .wfx file to a directory on your system and remember where you put it. Run Total Commander and navigate to "Configuration/Options" in the file menu. Navigate to "Plugins" and click the "WFX" button. Add the .wfx file from the T-PoT archive that you unzipped. After you have finished adding it, close Total Commander and then load it again to complete the installation. Connect your iPhone/iPod Touch to your computer through the USB cable. Find the drop-done menu on Total Commander on the right-hand side that has [-c-]. Select "Network Neighborhood" [--] from this menu. You should now see T-PoT as one of the options, select it. You should now have complete access to the file system on your iPhone/iPod touch. Now you can drag and drop files from the left-hand side (your computer) to the right-hand side (your iPhone/iPod Touch). This is much faster than the traditional method of using SSH to transfer files to your device over WiFi because it through USB and will come in handy when transferring the very large Wikipedia dump file to your device.

    Step 2 - Install the Wikipedia Application
    After extracting the Wikipedia Application, transfer it to the /Applications on your device through Total Commander or SSH. Be sure to set permissions on the entire directory to 755.

    Step 3 - Install the Wikipedia dump
    Go to "Settings" on your iPhone/iPod Touch, then "General, then "Auto-Lock" and set it to "Never" to ensure that your device does not fall asleep during the transfer. Using Total Commander, place the "wp" folder from the Wikipedia dump archive into the /var/root directory on your device. This may take a little bit because of the folder's sheer size. If it looks like Total Commander is locked up, it isn't. Just let Total Commander do its thing and the transfer will successful complete assuming you have enough free space on your device. After the transfer is complete, set the permissions on the "wp" folder to 755 as well.

    Step 4 - Reboot Your Device
    Reboot your device and when it comes back on, you should see an icon for the Wikipedia application! Open it then type in a term to search on and display the article.

    If the application crashes when you try to run it, be sure to reset permissions on the files (both the application and the "wp" folder) to 755 by changing them to some arbitrary value (say 666) then changing them BACK to 755. Reboot your device. and the problem should be fixed.
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    My question is why? Wikipedia is easily accessible by adding a webclip icon. Having a static version of wikipedia seems pointless to me, you would constantly have to update it to have the current information as it changes minute by minute. Not to mention the space requirements are insane.

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