How to install Windows in a portable hard disk which can plug and play

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    This is not a tutorial,it is just my own experience,tells the steps and problems I've found,for I've only do it in Macbook Air 2013,and I haven't test the other ways,it can surely be success in my way, but I don't know if it can be more convenient.If you find easier way or meet problems ,welcome to quote and discuss with me.

    I have refer to some tutorial about the process which is not write for Air 2013 version.

    1,We need to prepare something:
    1)A PC or Windows run in the virtual machine(connect to the internet);
    2)Our own Macbook Air and a flash disk;
    3)A portable(which we use to setup the system),USB 3.0 can be much better,for USB 2.0 can not run fluently....;
    4)the software Windows to Go Assistant(the official download link: ),the Windows DVD or Image.

    2,Bootcamp driver:
    Use the Bootcamp Assistant to download the newest driver to your flash disk.

    3,Make Windows to Go:
    1)Insert Windows DVD in PC,or you can use DVD Image;
    2)Connect the portable hard disk;
    3)Run the software WTGA(Windows to Go Assistant),this is an Chinese software,click the link"点击选择Win8镜像中install.wim",then choose the install.wim in your Windows DVD \sources\install.wim.Then click "请选择可移动设备" to choose which partition you want to use,Warning:this partition will be formatted.Wait until it is finished.

    4,Start it in PC for the first time,you will set and install the USB 3.0 driver patch.
    Choose to start by your portable hard disk,then set all the windows settings,then we come in the Windows for the first time,open the Windows Update,choose the two patches:KB2845533 and KB2811660;

    5,Install bootcamp drivers:
    Connect it to the Macbook Air,press Option when starting the Macbook,choose Windows,when we come in the Windows,connect the flash disk with bootcamp driver.
    The driver to Macbook Air 2013 version is not good enough,the chipset driver can not work,if we run the setup directly ,it will come to Blue Screen,the only way I've found to solve it is removing the document Intel away,then it will install the other drivers.Till now I haven't found any problem.

    Do not use the Windows Update from then on ,it is dangerous,some of the pateches can make the system crash....
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    I just can't believe it but this procedure actually worked for me to instal a working copy of windows 8.1 to a USB HDD.

    Much appreciated the tutorial. Hope it helps everyone who reads it.

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