How to jailbreak iPhone 4

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    Got a Verizon iPhone 4 and I'm interested in jailbreaking. It is running on 5.0.1. What should I do and where should I go to jailbreak it safely? Also another advice or warnings I should know before I take the plunge? I do have a little fear that my phone will be toast if I do it or try to change it back. I am ready for it though. Thanks.
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    Apple cannot brick phones anymore. They were sued and lost, however it can void your warranty and any insurance you may have from your carrier. That being said jail breaking a an easy process. I jail broke both my 3G and iPhone 4 and loved it there are a lot of great benefits to it. Make sure your current fun is completely backed up, iTunes, Pics, Contacts etc etc incase something goes wrong during install or you want to revert. (By the way revert is super easy all you do is plug your phone into your computer and do a system restore via iTunes) Next google redsn0w or chronicDev as they are the two that have most of the jailbreak software out, I use redsn0w. Follow the instructions and in about 10 minutes boom your completely jailbroken! Have fun!
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    I think someone may have jail broken my iPhone 4 and installed spyware. Is this possible? How can I find out or test my phone? It's on AT&T plan.
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    Highly unlikely.
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    You're just paranoid.
    Do a restore if you want to feel better though.
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    Your doing the right thing first by asking questions.

    Also do a bit of searching and homework.

    I opted to use the un tethered Redsn0w software version 0.9.10b5.

    When you have jailbroken then start to read about the tweaks your interested in to ensure one of them does not have compatibility issues with another although in my experience its rare.

    One of the first tweaks i downloaded was spire in order to get Siri, and another was barrel, which helped cure the slight lag winter board gave, although this has now been resolved in the recent winter board update.

    If you are wanting to theme out your iPhone 4 then i would suggest ifile too.

    There are scores of threads on what peoples favourite tweaks are and also use you tube.

    One word of warning tho.

    Once you have jail lbroken and modded up your phone, you will always be uncomfortable with an out of the box stock iPhone !

    Enjoy the journey.


    What has happened to make you think this ?

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